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JRT11-S + wire rope flaw detector

By measuring diameter of wire rope: Φ 1-300 - mm (need to configure a variety of specifications of the sensor)
The maximum speed of sensor and wire rope: 18.0 m/s
Optimum safe speed: 0.3 ~ 3 m/s
Frequency of acquisition: 5000Hz
Axial position detection capacity: plus or minus 0.3%
Detection ability of discontinuous defects (LF local defects) : local defect detection accuracy: 98%; Quality detection accuracy of broken wire: 100%; The accuracy of the detection accuracy of broken wire is more than 95 %.
Continuous defect (LMA cross sectional area loss) detection ability: metal cross-sectional area loss detection accuracy: + 0.05%; Loss detection uncertainty of metal cross-sectional area loss: plus or minus 0.2%;
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Functional features:
*it can detect all kinds of defect functions such as broken wire, wear, rust, deformation, loose stock, floss, material change and so on online.
*the product conforms to the requirements of GB/t21837-2008, can detect local damage (LF) and metal cross-sectional area change (LMA), and read two results straight out of the report.
*using Ethernet technology and RJ45 interface or Wifi direct sampling and processing analysis, it has the function of online audio alarm and real-time display results.
*the instrument can be divided into alarm according to the value of the defect program.
*the instrument can be automatically calibrated online, and the defect automatically evaluates the diagnostic function.
*in the same interface, a single or multiple wire rope detection curve can be displayed, and the multi-root test data can be analyzed simultaneously to generate the Word report.
*the sensor adopts alloy material guide sleeve with high abrasion resistance and high sensitivity characteristic, circular structure, circumferential circumferential and axial magnetization, and the wire rope is instantly magnetized to saturation state.
8) waterproof, dustproof, oil proof, moisture proof. function
The software ADAPTS to various Windows versions of the computer operating system.
Advantage: efficient military-grade cpus
Using Ethernet technology
Guide sleeve for alloy material
The maximum speed of sensor and wire rope: 18.0 m/s

Technical Data:

*Diameter of the wire: Φ1300mm(sensor needed to configure a variety of devices)

*est tested wire range: nominal sensing guide sleeve fall around 10mm, (If CS45 is 35-45mm)

*Fastest speed for sensor matching steel wire: 18.0 m/s

*Optical speed for usage: 0.5~3 m/s;

*Computer direct sampling processing and analysis, it can continuously detect the wire length ≥10000m (unlimited);

*Discontinuous defect (LF spot defect) detection capabilities:

*Qualitative detection accuracy rate of 98%

*Qualitative broken wire detection accuracy rate of 100%

*Broken wire quantitative detection accuracy rate of ≥95%

*Single centralized number of broken wires error of margin.

*Continuous defect (LMA metal cross sectional area loss) detection capability

*Sectional area of the metal loss detection accuracy: ±0.05%

*Sectional area of the metal loss detection uncertainty: ±0.2%

*Indication axial position detection capability: ± 0.3%

*Sensor weight: approximately 1~15kg;

*Power source: computer battery 5V, interflow (AC220 ±10);

*Working temperature: --20~40

*Moisture: ≤90RH

The system configuration:

*JRT series Sensor(including distance locator)         1

*JRT series Real-Time Alarm Device                         1

*Signal Cable                                                            1

*Twisted-pair Cable                                                  1

*Software                                                                  1

*Computer                                                                1(optional)

*DV12 Power Supply                                                1

*Safety Fixed Rope                                                   1

*Manual                                                                    1

*Product Certificate                                                  1