XXG series X-ray Flaw Detector

Output Voltage (peak value KVP):150~250KVP
Output Diode Current (average):5MA
Focus Point of Ray Tube:2.0×2.0
Radiation Angle of Ray Tube:40+5°
Biggest Penetration Thickness: 40mm
Blackness: ≥1.5
Sensitivity: <2%
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一、Technical Description of the Equipment

The steel plate and casting part X-ray detecting system (XXG-2505) is the high tech product, which unifies the X-ray electronic technology. The system has the following strongpoint , high  automaticity, quick detecing speed , low cost, the detecting data easy to take care and inquiry. It is suitable for the detecting of each kind of steel plates or casting parts.

二、The range of application andequipment main parameter

The main application scope of steel plate and casting part inherent drawback detecting product as following: the X-ray non-destructive inspection on nonmetallic, light metal, the casting, each kind of alloy, the pressure vessel and so on. Main examination weld defect (crack, blowhole, entrapped slag, fusion, not penetration and so on). Uses the advanced frequency conversion technology, increases by automatically detecing and all kind of protection function: Also it has the characteristics of high reliability and long life used.

Type TX-2 instrumentpanel under the disposition of the XXG-2505 is designed according to mature technology of the similar products home and abroad,which selects the high performance processor, the integrated circuit and the modular part.The key element adopts imported components, which enhances the reliability of long-term use, and it has automatically training machine and time-delaying function, which high anti-jamming ability is fit for wild generator job.

XXG-2505 Detecting Machine Controller



Xray generator made in our factory has made the revision to the conventional product, smaller volume, lighter weight, more reasonable intheinternal high-pressured structure.more reliable performance ,especially qualified for field work.

XXG-2505Detecting Machine Generator

Cooling-down Method: forced air cooling

Insulation MethodSF6 gas insulation



Work Environment:


Relative Humidity:not above85%

Sea Level:not above1000meter

Input Voltage:220V±10

Incoming Frequency:50Hz

Input Powernot less than 3.6KVA

Main Parameter

Output Voltage (peak value KVP)150250KVP

Output Diode Current(average)5MA

Focus Point of Ray Tube2.0×2.0

Radiation Angle of Ray Tube40

Focal distance 600 mm, Exposure Time 5 minutes;

TianjinFilm, two-sided 0.03 intensifying screens;

Development Condition: 20 5 minute

Biggest Penetration Thickness: 40mm

Blackness: ≥1.5

Sensitivity: <2%

Working 1:1 5 minutes work, 5 minutes rests

三、 Main Configuration Details Enclosed

1、 Xray Generator        1

2、 Control  Unit         1

3、 Power Cable10M

4、 Connecting Cable      20M