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JITAI6103 Coating thickness gauge

Measurement range: (0 ~ 1250) mu m (F1, N1), F10 test head can reach 10mm
Differentiation rate: 0.1 mu m (F1, N1)
Accuracy of the display value: plus or minus (2% H + 1) mu m; H is the thickness of the coated coating
Display method: 128 * 64 array LCD
Storage capacity: can store 5 groups (up to 100 measurements per group) to measure data
Single system: metric system (mu m), British system (mil), free conversion
Working voltage: 3V (section 5 alkaline batteries)
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*With different probe: JITAI6103 can measure the thickness of non-magnetic coating layers covered on magnetic substrate. Such as: non-magnetic (aluminum, chrome, copper, enamel, rubber, paint) covered on magnetic substrate (steel, alloy and magnetic stainless steel)

*It also can measure the thickness of non-conductive coatings layers covered on conductive substrate. Such as: (enamel, rubber, paint, vanish, plastic anodic-oxide layer) covered on conductive substrate (aluminum, brass, zinc and nonmagnetic stainless steel).

Main feature:

*Various probes optional, probe auto matching.

*Durable ruby probe, more wear and precise.

*Full metal shell design, sturdy, portable, high reliability.

*Alarm function when overrun the settable limiting range.

*Five statistics values [MEAN, MAX, MIN, NO., S.DEV] higher measurement accuracy.

*Large storage, easy to delete single or multiple saved values..

*PC software optional, convenient the data transmission, analysis, printing etc.

Technical Specification:

*Measuring range:0-1250μm, depends on probes, MAX 10mm for the probe F10

*Working principle:Magnetic & Eddy

*Substrate:FE / NFE base


*Display:128x64 LCD with backlight

*Accuracy:±2%H+1um   Note: H is thickness reading

*Memory:5 files x 100 values

*Unit switch:Metric (μm) Imperial (mil)

*Working temperature:Operation Temp. : -10~50°C    Storage Temp. :-30~70°C

*Power:AA battery 2pcs



Standard configuration:

*Main unit                                        1

*Probe (Fe or NFe)                            1

*Calibration piece + Zeroing plate    5+1

*Operating manual                           1

*Warranty card                                 1

*Instrument case                              1