MP-A2D Magnetic Flaw Detector

Battery voltage/current/DC12V / 3 ~ 6 A ampere
The charging voltage of the battery is 220V / 50/60hz
Lift ㎏ above 18.2
Magnetic field intensity 3, 158 (A/T)
130.0 ㎜ magnetic spacing
Weight 2.8 ㎏ host (including the head) not including head 2.2 ㎏ (head x2 = 0.3 0.3) = 2.8 ㎏
The weight of the battery pack ㎏ 2.5
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MP - A2D battery pack dc handheld magnetic particle detector - features:
It is also easy to work with a dc 12V battery in a place where there is no ac power supply, even in a very high and difficult place.
Applicable to dry, wet, fluorescent magnetic powder;
The shell USES a kind of rubber molding durability excellent material with strong anti-impact, excellent waterproof anti-humidity model, anti-rust resistance;
Various artifacts can be tested by connecting various magnetic heads.
Form the bottom of the
The top of the form
MP - A2D battery pack dc type magnetic powder detector - standard configuration
Host; Cable; General magnetic head; Battery pack; The charger. The portable box; The description; Original certificate
Optional: 45. Magnetic head; A black light.
MP - A2D battery pack dc type magnetic particle detector - parameter specification