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Micro Hardness Tester HVS-1000

Test force:0.098N (10gf), 0.245N (25gf), 0.490N (50gf), 0.98N (100gf), 1.96N (200gf), 2.94N (300gf),4.9N(500gf),9.8N(1Kgf)
Standard :GBT4340.1,GBT4340.2, ASTM_E92
Indication error:± 3.0%
Hardness test range :8HV-2900HV
Weight:about 25kg
Dimensions ( L * W* H ):(405* 290 * 480) mm
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Model HVS-1000 digital micro hardness tester is an integrated optical , mechanical and electrical such a high, new technical product whose moulding is novel, aesthetic perception and it is an upgrading, generation changing product which belongs to a popularized type micro hardness tester.
This tester adopts programming by computer software, high magnification optical measuring system and photoelectric sensor etc such technique.  By means of input by membrane switches, it may adjust the measurement of either strong or weak light source, preset the holding time for test force or load, cut and change either the Vicker’s of Knoop’s test method. On the membrane switches panel, the LCD display screen may display the forms of test, test force(or load),measure the length of indentation, hardness value, holding time of the test force(or load), number of measurements and put in the date, month and year by keys, and the test results may be output by means of a printer.
The hardness tester is also equipped with photographic device which may take photo for all measured indentation and the metallographic formation of materials.  It is suitable to measure the micro hardness of small, thin specimen, and superficial permeable coating (or plating) layer etc such specimen, as well as to measure the micro hardness of glass, ceramics, agate, and gem etc such brittle materials, hence it is an ideal hardness measuring and testing apparatus for the scientific research institute, factory, and quality supervising department to carry out materials research and inspection, measurement.



*Test force:0.098N (10gf), 0.245N (25gf), 0.490N,(50gf), 0.98N (100gf), 1.96N (200gf), 2.94N (300gf),4.9N(500gf),9.8N(1Kgf)

*Standard:GBT4340.1,GBT4340.2, ASTM_E92

*Indication error:± 3.0%

*Hardness test range:8HV-2900HV

*Test force applied methods:Royal automatic test force

*MeasuringMicroscope Magnification:100x, 400x

*Pressure Holding Time:5-60s ( range 5 seconds )

*Minimum detection unit:0.0625um

*Maximum specimen height:65mm

*Maximum specimen width:85mm

*Weight:about 25kg

*Power:AC220V± 5.0% /50HZ-60Hz

*Dimensions ( L * W* H ):(405* 290 *480) mm

Standard Configuration:

*Host (assembling a Vickers indenter, 10 x,20 x objective for each one)  1

*Weight                                                                                                  6

*Plain Clamp Test Bench                                                                         1

*Sheet Clamp Test Bench                                                                        1

*Filament                                                                                                1

*Weight Roller                                                                                        1

*Horizontal adjustment screws                                                               4