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Vickers Hardness Tester HV-50T

Test force:9.8N (1Kgf), 49N (5Kgf), 98N (10Kgf),
Hardness symbol :HV1, HV5, HV10, HV20, HV30, HV50 
Indication error:± 3.0%
Hardness test range :5HV-2500HV
Test force applied methods:Royal automatic test force 
Weight:about 40kg
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HV-50T Vickers hardness Vickers hardness tester using the new technology of precision mechanical and optical technologies.

The machine uses computer control via softkeys measure the light intensity can be adjusted , and can test force dwell time , 7 -inch color touch -screen display. The machine uses a unique conversion and measurement eyepiece micrometer readings once institutions , easy to use , high accuracy .

With an optional three- meter photographic device that can shoot on the measured indentation and material microstructure organization for measuring small , thin specimen surface infiltration parts after plating treatment , scientific research institutions , factories and quality control departments research and testing of the ideal hardness testing equipment.



*Test force:9.8N (1Kgf), 49N (5Kgf), 98N (10Kgf),196N (20Kgf), 294N (30Kgf), 490N (50Kgf)

*Hardness symbol:HV1, HV5, HV10, HV20, HV30, HV50

*Indication error:± 3.0%  

*Hardness test range:5HV-2500HV

*Test force applied methods:Royal automatic test force

*MeasuringMicroscope Magnification:100x

*Pressure Holding Time:5-60s ( range 5 seconds ,Arbitrarily set )

*Minimum detection unit:1um

*Maximum specimen height :160mm

*The maximum distance to the center of the indenter machine wall:135mm

*Weight:about 40kg


*Dimensions ( L × W × H ):(540× 220 × 650) mm

Standard Configuration:

*Host (including a Vickers indenter, 10X objective one)               1

*Test sets, weights, microscope accessories box                           1

*Weight                                                                                         4

*Large, medium, "V"-test sets                                                      Each One

*Horizontal adjustment screws                                                     4

*Power line                                                                                    1

*Fuse 0.5A (size 5*20)                                                                    2

*Equipment bulbs (GY6-12A)                                                        2

*Power line                                                                                    1

*Micrometer eyepiece                                                                   1

*Vickers hardness block                                                                2

*Spare bulb                                                                                   2

*Spare fuses                                                                                  2

*Product certification                                                                    1

*Product Manual                                                                           1