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Rockwelll Hardness Tester HR-150DT

Preliminary test force:98.07N(10kgf)
Total test force:588.4N(60kgf)、980.7N(100kgf)、1471N(150kgf)
Indenter Specifications:Rockwell diamond cone indenter /D1.5875mm ball indenter
Testing Range:HRA:20-88、HRB:20-100、HRC:20-70
Data Output:Digital reads
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Model HR-150DT  Rockwell Hardness Tester automatic unloading mechanism with adjustable total test force dwell time potentiometer, rotary converters test force transformation by the Dutch handwheel obtained, so the operation easily and quickly , in addition to dial zero, there is no human operator error, high sensitivity, stability, suitable for workshops and laboratories.
Rockwell hardness measurement applies to all kinds of metal materials.Its principle is at the beginning of trial test force and total test force has the role of the indenter into the surface of the sample, removable main test force, measuring the depth of the indentation residual reserves at the beginning of the test force.

Optional with Rockwell hardness scale; having hardness scale conversion option; hardness test hold time can be selected from between0~ 99s; having reset function; hardness test results printout; hasRS-232Cserial communication port for user extensions



*Preliminary test force:98.07N(10kgf

*Total test force:588.4N(60kgf)、980.7N(100kgf、1471N(150kgf)

*Indenter Specifications:Rockwell diamond cone indenter /D1.5875mm ball indenter


*Testing Range:HRA:20-88HRB:20-100HRC:20-70



*Data Output:Digital reads

*Standard:GB/T230.1  GB/T230.2,  JJG112

             GB/T230.2 ISO 6508-2 ,ASTM E18

*Be allowed to test the maximum height:170mm

*Indenter center to the fuselage:165mm

*Hardness Dimensions:510*212*700mm

*Power supply:AC220V+5%,50~60Hz

*Instrument weight:85kg

Standard Configuration:

*Rockwell Indenter                                            1

*φ1.5875mmIndenter                                       1

*Large,Medium and V-shaped Testing Table      3

*Weights                                                           3

*Hardness Block                                                3

*Fuse wire0.5A5×20)                                   2

*Instrument BulbGY6-12A)                          2

*Power Cable                                                    1

*Certificate                                                       1

*Manual                                                           1